Who is Ramen Metro?


Ramen Metro is an original concept born out of crave from authentic Japanese Ramen house typically found in the outskirt of Manila and Makati during the 80's. In Japan, specially in different provinces, there you will find many types of authentic Ramen house that specialized in different Ramen variations and style. But in modern city of TOKYO, you will find new breed of Ramen houses -- armed with their culinary experienced and product originality, though most of them comes from suburbans, they tend to modernize their craft to adapt to the modern, vibrant and fast paced market of Tokyo.

Thus, RAMEN METRO is born. We want to bring the modern Japan without sacrificing the quality and tradition of preparing authentic food, specially Ramen. Ramen and broth should be freshly made daily, perfected by our Master Chef, Our goal is to serve our customer the Best Comfort food-- which is RAMEN in an Upbeat and modern restaurant environment that envibes the METRO, that suites the discriminate metropolis market -- Reinventing the Ramen Experience!